Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Information Technology Goes Green with Cloud Technology

IT (Information Technology) is going green with cloud technology. Follow the technology leaders and you will see many using cloud technology to achieve green savings. This new way of IT platforms is enabling Corporate America to consolidate their data centers to not only achieve economies of scale for powering and cooling their IT centers but to also turn on and turn off complete servers when they are needed for peak work loads. And of course with power savings, comes lowering their carbon footprint.

Going beyond data center consolidation, some companies are actually powering these data centers with renewable energy; IBM is building a data center in India with cloud technology that is powered by solar energy using photovoltaic cells, a Wyoming cloud provider actually uses wind farms to power its data center, and even Facebook is building a cloud computing data center in Sweden which is cooled by the arctic air and powered by hydroelectric dams.

“The carbon emissions reducing potential of cloud computing is a thrilling breakthrough, allowing companies to maximize performance, drive down costs, reduce inefficiency and minimize energy use – and therefore carbon emissions – all at the same time,” said Paul Dickinson, executive chairman of the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project).

The savings and green power continues on, with the day to day business dealings of vertical industries. Health care is one such area that is rapidly benefiting from this technology. Using computing clouds, paperwork and printing is reduced by using EHR (Electronic Heath Care Records) between health care organizations. Even medical radiology is being transformed , now with computer clouds CDs do not have to be burned and shipped to different locations. Now a doctor can view the image of their patients medical image through a remote viewer from anywhere in the world, share it with another specialist and even share it with their patient. Not only is the carbon footprint and costs being reduced by cloud technology but the quality of patient care is increasing.

To find out more about how computer clouds are used in various industries attend a meeting of the Space Coast Cloud Circle. Email rko@industrycorrespondent.com or call 321-345-1513.

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